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Solar Design: Energy and Aesthetics

You’ve seen homes with solar paneling that looks as though no thought went into their placement. Those days are over. Solar panel providers today should provide sun sustainability with Solar Design style. When you can offer solar without ignoring chic, more people will be ready to embrace solar power, benefiting both the environment and themselves.

Green and Glorious

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the most beautiful solar panel designs in architecture. Solar panel companies are moving away from designing purely for function. We know the beauty of your home is important to you, and we have designers who can offer you power without skimping on pretty. Our engineers and architects look at your roofline, the shape of the panel, and the design of the placement to bring you a work of aesthetic creativity. We’re looking at the lovely houses Go Solar Power has designed, so you can appreciate the style we’ve helped create.

Clean NRG Solar - AGL Energy

Sleek and Stylish Solar

Modern houses have unique styles and stylish roofs. Our houses can match the modernity of your style and represent it on your roof with our panels as well.

Fabulous Farming

Modern houses have unique styles and stylish roofs. Our houses can match the modernity of your style and represent it on your roof with our panels as well.

Go Solar Power Van in front of Solar Ground Mount
Photovoltaics - Solar energy

Patio Paradises

Solar panels lining the roof surrounding your patio can be beautiful. Imagine laying in the sun having a drink, knowing that that same sun is helping to power your home and save you money. That gives a different meaning to fun in the sun.

Terrific Tiles

When people think of solar panels, they generally imagine asphalt shingles, but we can install panels on any roof and have it looking its best. Some of our most creative work has been done on roofs with tile shingles. Tiles do not tire us! So we’ll install our solar panels on your tile roof and have it looking stylish and new.

Roof - Roof shingle
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Patio Paradises

Depending on the climate and how close you are to water, your solar panels will sustain different levels of fatigue. Our engineers take that all into account when we help you decide what type of solar panel to choose. Once your panels are installed, they are installed to not only be dazzling to look at but to be durable and long-lasting too.

Solar Savings

As solar power becomes more common, the cost to install drops as well. In the last decade, solar panel installation has dropped 70 percent, meaning not only do you save money on energy, you save money on the installation too. There are a variety of reasons why people are switching to solar.

Value Voices

Solar panels add value to your home, and should you want to sell, solar homes sell faster. Everyone is looking for lower bills and having solar energy means lower electricity costs. Many home builders now include solar panels in new model homes because they’re requested often, but what kind of value is being added?

Adding Amounts

In general, you can expect to add 20 dollars in home value for every dollar you save on your electric bill. However, the Department of Energy and Berkeley Laboratory found that people were willing to pay an extra $12,000 to $15,000 for a home with solar power, and that was just with an array of average size. The same study found that solar-powered houses sell 20% faster too.

How Can We Help?

We are a full-service company. We do everything from start to finish: We do the sales, the onboarding/concierge team engineering, the permitting, and the interconnection to the power company. We offer service support after install and down the road. We have the best warranty in the business. Don’t believe it? Try comparing us to a company that may sub-contract this request to other companies, and there is no competition. Go Solar Power is a full-service full-charge solar company!! For more information on how we can help you join the solar power revolution, click here.

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