Commercial Solar Power Installation

Saves $$ and Keeps Your Business Running

We provide commercial solar power installation. We are now in Florida, Texas and California. As well as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama. We look forward to working with your business.

Keep Your Business Running 24/7 with a
Commercial Solar Power Installation

Go Solar Power Solar Installation Nursing Care Facility


Commercial solar panel installations have the potential to increase the value of your assets and can give businesses an 8 percent to 12 percent annualized return.

Solar Panels Installed on Retail Store in Georgia


Commercial solar systems will lock in your electric rate. But at a fraction of your current electric price.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

Battery Backup

Together with a Battery, have instant Backup Power.  Then, be prepared in the event of an outage. However at the fraction of the cost of a generator. 

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Feature Installation: Florida Sugar Manufacturer

Go Solar Power has completed a Solar and Tesla Megpack installation for the largest Sugar Refinery in the Southeast.  The 360KW’s of Solar Power using American Made Eagle 405 Watt Panels with commercial grade inverters from SMA will power this facility throughout the year. 

The key is the Megapack to back up the facility during harvest season in the event of an outage. 

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How Can Solar Benefit Your Business?

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Top 5 Reasons to Put Solar & Storage on Your Commercial Building


Lock in your Electric rate. Indeed at a fraction of your current electric rate.


Become a Sustainable Leader in your community.


Increase the Value of your Asset. Especially with an 8% to 12% annualized return.

Tax Credit

Receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit plus Depreciation Tax Deduction.


Commercial solar panel installation can easily pair with a Solar Battery. Subsequently, keep your business running 24/7

your business deserves the best equipment

World Class Commercial Solar Power

Eagle 405 Solar Panels
  • Highest Wattage Panel on the Market.
  • Over 20% Efficiency Rate
  • Produce more power with less space.
  • Meets Snow & Wind Load Requirements
  • Over 5400 Pascal Rating.
  • Solaredge Commercial Inverter with Power Optimizers
  • Top Rated – #1 Commercial Inverter in the World
  • Performance – Guaranteed Solar Production with Lifetime Performance Monitoring
  • Assurance – 20 Year Warranty on our commercial solar panels for sale
  • Operating Lease
Solar Edge Commercial Inverter

Powerwalls for
Your Business


Solar for commercial buildings will allow you to have an instant power powered by the Sun.


Power all of your business and building’s needs.


Operate all your Equipment. Computers and Refrigeration.  In addition to Air Conditioning and Cooling. Keep them all running with Tesla Powerwalls.

commonly asked questions?
Commercial Solar Power Installation

can i lease the system?

Yes. Indeed with an Operating Lease. Furthermore, during the Operating Lease, Go Solar Financial will own, operate and maintain the system.

Is there tax depreciation?

Yes. In short, receive the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. Also referred  as MACRS depreciation tax deduction.

do you qualify for a federal tax credit?

Yes. For example, receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit from the IRS.  Generally this is off total cost of your solar system. In addition to using a $0 upfront loan.

What are my potential savings?

Save 3-4 times the expenditure. Especially with limited upfront.  Further, access the benefits of Solar. With payments still based on 73% of the contract value.

Some of Our Hassle-Free
Commercial Solar Power Installations

Increase Your Asset’s Value.  Undeniably, one of the most efficient ways to reduce operating expenses and increase operating income is with a Solar Power System. In fact, Commercial solar panels lead to a significant increase in value of asset.

Some of Our Hassle-Free Commercial Solar Power Installations

Increase Your Asset’s Value.  Undeniably, one of the most efficient ways to reduce operating expenses and increase operating income is with a Solar Power System. Commercial solar panels lead to a significant increase in value of asset.

Our Commercial Solar Power Installation Customers:

Our Commercial Solar Power Installation Customers:

Go Solar Power is a family owned operation. We instill family values within the company. More importantly, we believe in Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability.  In addition to a Do the Right Thing mentality.  Undeniably, this permeates among the employees. Those attributes have helped Go Solar Power expand into eight states.  Equally important, we have been named the 100th Fastest Growing company in the United States by INC magazine. Our management has over 25 years experience. In the Solar and Battery business. Certainly, you can count on Go Solar Power being around for the long run. In other words, to service your Solar and Battery systems.


On a typical day, Your Powerwalls and Solar Power will meet all of your businesses’ energy needs. Furthermore, when the power goes out, your solar energy will continue to power your business. In addition to charging your Powerwalls. As a result, allows your business to remain open. Especially during critical times of an outage.

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Solar Contractor License:

  • CVC 56962 (Florida)
  • COA 650 (South Carolina)

Electrical License:

  • California CSLB#1069269
  • Florida: EC13007879
  • Georgia: EN216145
  • North Carolina: U32638
  • South Carolina: CLM115302
  • Alabama: 02301
  • Texas: 35375
  • Louisiana 72043


  • RS9908186


  • TC5160

Contractor License:

  • FL Roofing CCC 1332637
  • FL Builders CBC1264000
  • Georgia Builders GCCO007273

California Self Generation Incentive Program:

  • GSP Electric Developer Key: 8350NF