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Auto Manufacturers Around the Globe are Going Electric

electric vehicles are the present & the future

Charging stations are the equivalent of gas stations for your EV. The difference is that you can charge the vehicle at your own residence now. Your electric vehicle needs to be recharged at various intervals based on the capacity of the lithium-ion battery. More charging stations will be installed around the country within the next few years, but your major charging station is your home.

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solar & Battery powered home

Solar Savings

You save on your electrical bill many times over with a solar system in your home. The number of panels we design for you is based on the size of your home and your electrical usage.  We can even take into consideration the exact usage you will need for an Electric Vehicle that you have already or plan to buy. 

Optimize your solar power system with a Tesla Powerwall to meet your homes’ power needs. With a properly designed system, your home will still have power in the event of a power failure, ensuring you will be able to recharge your EV even if the power grid goes down.

The Tesla Powerwall system will keep your power on for days, regardless of weather conditions. You are independent of the grid. The system is designed to store solar power for future, often emergency use. 

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save money

Electric vehicle - Car

Electric Vehicle

First things first, using an electric vehicle is a smart move. The cost of charging an EV is cheaper compared to purchasing gas for regular cars.

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+ solar power

Our team will design an ideal solar/battery and charging system to ensure that you get the most from your renewable energy investment.

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= long term savings

The longer you use your solar system, the greater the savings. Grid power rates, on the other hand, will continue to rise with time. The Math is Simple!

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energy independent

Solar power is clean energy and sustainable for another billion years! Electric vehicles are being manufactured by all the major auto makers like Tesla, GM, Toyota, Merceds, BMW and more. In addition, they are made with larger batteries that allow people to drive farther without the need to recharge.

The marriage of rooftop solar and electric vehicles promises a cheaper, more efficient, and eco-friendly way of powering homes and cars. Installing a PV system specifically designed to power your home and electric vehicle makes economic sense and will dramatically reduce your overall carbon emissions. Contact Go Solar Power to bring this innovative solution to your home. 

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