An Investment in Solar and My Home

Investing in Your Home: Top Five Reasons to Go Solar

Green energy is on the rise, and many homeowners are considering investing in solar power. Installing a solar system is a big investment, but it’s one that will benefit the environment and your wallet. Our Go Solar team has been bringing solar panels to homes across the nation since 2009. There are many advantages to Going Solar; below are the top five reasons to make the switch.  

1 - Customized Panel Designs

Every home has different energy needs. That means everyone needs different solar systems, and luckily, our breakthrough technology is making that possible. Our team can assess the exact amount of energy your home demands, as well as review the structure of your roof, and create a personalized solar panel grid design. This will help you to conserve space and materials by only installing what you need. Once the panels are ready, your system will produce all the power your home needs without any waste.


2 - Grid Flexibility

We offer flexibility in connecting to your local power grid. You can choose to keep your system hooked up to the local energy system, which is a good backup for times your solar panels may not be producing energy (like nighttime or storms). However, we also give you the option to go completely off the grid. With solar batteries, you can store any extra power produced during the day. Once your system stops producing, you can draw from this energy bank to continue powering your home. Power outages will be a thing of the past with these batteries, and you will have full autonomy over your power consumption. 

3 - Solar Stimulus

Installing Go Solar panels in your home is as much of a financial investment as it is an environmental one. There are many ways that solar panels can help your home economically. The first is the federal tax credit program — 26% of the cost of installing your panels can be deducted the next time you file taxes. There’s no value cap on this program, and it can help you save thousands. Some states have similar credit programs, and you can check out your state’s policies here.

Net metering is offered by many energy grids. This process allows for solar systems that generate an energy surplus to deliver the power back to your utility provider. In exchange, your account will be credited, allowing you to freely draw from the grid during times your system isn’t producing energy. This saves you from having to pay for additional power later. 

Additionally, the Go Solar team offers our own incentive program for going green. Depending on which payment plan you choose, the first 3-12 months of your solar panel payments will be completely on us. 

4 - Increased Home Value

Solar panels are one of the most economical investments you can make into your home. Installing a solar system instantly raises the value of your home, and on average, homes with solar energy sell for a much higher return than homes without. As the demand for green energy increases, this added value will only grow. The promise of lower utility bills also attracts high numbers of offers. More and more homebuyers are listing solar energy systems as a must-have when shopping for a new space.  

5 - Turn-Key Installation

We know home renovations can be disruptive to your life. That’s why our Go Solar team guarantees a quick, quality installation of your panels. We always bring the highest caliber equipment, including a full energy efficiency kit to maximize your energy intake. Once your system ready to go, we take care of all proper inspections, as well as the connection to your local power grid. Through our power monitoring app, you can watch in real time as your new solar panels get to work. Our goal with installation is to make the process as easy as possible for you and your home. 

The benefits of solar power are endless, and our team at Go Solar has the experience to help your transition be as smooth as possible. Once you’re ready, contact us. We will answer any questions you have, give you a free consultation, and help you get started switching to solar energy.

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