The 3 Most Solar-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

The 3 Most Solar-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Solar power is prominent in the U.S., but its usage in each state is different. Beyond state rankings, solar utilization varies from city to city, too. So, which cities stand out as leaders in the industry? Welcome to our walkthrough of the most solar-friendly cities in the U.S.

Los Angeles

California is a very solar-friendly state overall, but Los Angeles stands out among its many cities. Given that California is synonymous with sunny weather, it should be no surprise that local homeowners are relying on solar panels to power their homes.

For instance, this 2020 report details how LA was the leading state in the U.S. when it comes to the total installed solar PV capacity. According to that survey, LA’s total solar PV installed clocks in at 483.8 MW, which is around 60 MW more than another Californian city: San Diego.


Although it didn’t top LA or San Diego on the total solar PV installed chart, Honolulu did rank number one in the aforementioned survey for solar PV installed per capita. Like California, it should come as no surprise that the sunny and stunning Hawaiian city is among the most solar-friendly cities in the U.S. That said, keep in mind that cold or cloudy weather won’t ruin solar panels—they’re a much more resilient system than you might think.

San Diego

When it comes to solar-friendly cities, San Diego is definitely among the top three because it ranks number two on both aforementioned listings—solar PV installed per capita and total installed solar PV. The results of the 2020 Environment America survey put San Diego’s solar PV per capita at 294.8 watts. These results are well behind Honolulu’s 840.88 watts, but far ahead of Los Angeles, which did not crack the top 10 states when looking at solar PV per capita.

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