Solar Panel Cleaning: Your Benefits

Have you heard of solar panel cleaning? Do you know what it is or why you need it? In recent years, the popularity of solar power has skyrocketed. It makes sense, given that there are so many benefits to harnessing solar energy. Utilizing solar power for your home or business gives you more control of your energy costs, allowing you to choose where you source your energy from and putting you in charge. 

In addition, taking advantage of solar power can save you money in the long run, by trimming your utility bills and qualifying your household or business for certain tax incentives. Not to mention, solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly! While you are most likely already aware of these benefits, what you may not know is that there are numerous reasons to have your solar panels regularly cleaned and maintained. 

Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels on your home or commercial building can be an investment, and keeping them clean is a way to protect that investment and keep them operating at peak performance for as long as possible. There are many substances that can collect on your solar panels over time, and this build-up can affect how efficiently they transform solar radiation into usable energy. Let’s take a closer look at solar panel cleaning, and then see how Go Solar Power can help! 

Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Homeowners and business owners everywhere are no strangers to the dust, dirt, and debris that the wind can whip around and leave behind on everything it comes in contact with. Your solar panels are not exempt from this harsh treatment and can build up an impressive collection of grime fairly quickly. 

While a little layer of dirt and dust may not have a major effect on your solar panels, not cleaning your panels for an extended period of time can result in an above-average amount of these substances. In addition, living near a big city equates to air pollution and smog, which can add to the buildup of filth on your solar panel system. 

While most areas around the country receive enough consistent rainfall that solar panel cleaning may not be necessary as frequently, sometimes that is not the case, and the rain will not wash away the caked-on smut that has made its home on your solar panels. Having your solar panel system regularly cleaned helps alleviate this issue. 

Pigeon Poo

Pesky pigeons can be quite the nuisance, but their poo can be even worse! While dirt and dust inhibit the absorption of sun rays, droppings from pigeons (and other birds) can actually damage the solar panels themselves. Pigeon feces is extremely acidic and has been shown to erode even the most durable building materials. Your solar panels are no exception, and they are susceptible to detrimental destruction from the acidic erosion that is caused by pigeon poop. Regular cleaning of your solar panels is necessary to keep them protected from this hazard. 

Energy Efficiency

In order to transform solar radiation into usable energy, your solar panels need access to sunlight. If dust and dirt are serving as a barrier between your panel and the sun, it requires more work and more time to make this energy transformation happen. 

Dirty solar panels have a decreased efficiency, and studies have shown that it can be a big difference! If regular cleaning does not occur, homeowners and business owners could experience an energy yield loss of up to 30%! This energy loss equals money out of your pocket. If you have invested in a solar panel system for financial or environmental reasons, ensuring that your system is working as efficiently as possible is the best way to achieve these benefits. 

How Often? 

While various geographical and environmental factors contribute to the recommended frequency of solar panel cleaning, we suggest having your system cleaned once or twice a year on average. If you live in an area where leaves pile up frequently, or if weather conditions have been particularly windy and dusty, you may need to have cleaning services performed more regularly. A consultation with one of our Sunny Sparkles experts can help you determine how often your panels should be cleaned and can assist with answering any other questions you may have. 

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How Go Solar Power Can Help

Cleaning your solar panels can be a tricky task. Without the proper equipment and safety precautions, you could be putting yourself at risk for a dangerous downfall. That’s where the experts at Go Solar Power’s Sunny Sparkles come in. With experience in the field and the right tools to get the job done, we are here to help make sure that your solar panels stay sparkly clean and energy-efficient! Whether you are looking to prevent dust and dirt from becoming an issue, or you need a deep clean of some gunk that has already gathered, we have you covered. Reach out to our team of professionals today to get your consultation scheduled! 

Still have not upgraded to solar power for your home or business? What are you waiting for? Save yourself the trouble, skip searching for “solar energy contractors near me,” and head straight to our website to learn how to go solar today! 

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