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Tesla Powerwall: Save and Store Solar

Save and Store with Tesla Powerwall

Attaining the power freedom of your home brings huge benefits. If you have installed solar panels, then you need a seamless way to store the excess energy produced, especially during the day. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to stockpile power for backup during a power outage. Either way, Tesla Powerwall is the best power storage solution you can get in the market.

Why do we make such a straightforward claim? Well, you would want to continue reading this article and discover the many benefits Tesla Powerwall can bring your home.

What is a Tesla Powerwall?

Powerwall is a lithium-ion based battery designed to provide power in your home. It can store energy, sense power outages, and automatically turn out to be your home’s primary power source when the grid is unreliable. Unlike other backups such as diesel generators, Powerwall will light your home without maintenance, fuel, or noise while leaving no carbon footprints.

Tesla Powerwall has an innovative compact design that leads the market in terms of energy storage density. Installation is easy as it requires no additional equipment (inverter is inbuilt), enabling you to quickly realize the full measure of profits of reliable and clean energy.


What are the Benefits of Installing a Tesla Powerwall?

1. Save on Energy Bills with Tesla Powerwall

The aim of installing solar panels is to save on electricity bills. With a Powerwall, you have a way to store this energy during the day and use it at home during the night when grid power is expensive. Installing the battery can save you about 50% of energy bills per month. Save money and become more power independent by investing in Powerwall.

2. No Maintenance

Most grid alternatives require occasional maintenance. For example, if you installed a gasoline generator, you would need an electrician’s services to keep the unit working. Also, you’ll need to pay for gas to run it. A Powerwall will demand none after the easy installation process.

3. Seamless Backup

Your home deserves a power backup that needs less human interaction to work smoothly. Tesla Powerwall is designed with the mind of never letting your family feel the effects of a power outage. It even has capabilities of detecting weather changes such as storms in your area and reserve power for you.

4. 10-Year Warranty Tesla Powerwall

It is not easy to find a manufacturer who guarantees a warrant of their product for a whole decade. Powerwall is trusted because with it comes a 10-year warranty.

Tesla Powerwall will also save you extra money since they’re qualified for Federal Tax Credit. This is if you have an existing solar system or installing a new one, and the solar energy exclusively charges the battery.

5. Mobile App Control

We live in the digital age, and manufacturers of Powerwall have designed it with this in mind. It is continuously synchronized with the Tesla App that gives you vivid graphs and pictorial representation of what is going on with the Powerwall wherever you may be.

With the mobile app, you can monitor your home’s energy production and intake in real-time. The app is the same as that used in Tesla EV and is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

6. Current and Compact Design of Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is manufactured with minimalist and unique designs that can blend impeccably with your home’s décor. Its compact nature offers versatility for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Powerwall Settings

With the App’s help, you have the freedom to personalize your household’s power usage through the many options. They include:

  • Self-Powered: In this mode, the battery stores energy from the solar panels during the day and uses it at night.
  • Backup Mode: The backup-only mode tells the Powerwall to provide supply only when there is a grid outage and optionally switch back to the grid when it is restored.
  • Time-based: This is an efficient controlled mode that forecasts when the grid power rates are high. In that case, your home supply is switched from the grid to the battery, hence saving you money.

According to Tesla support, the battery has other configurations such as storm watch and preconditioning that add to the benefits.

Who Should Install Your Powerwall?

You deserve the services of a company that has the experience and understands solar energy. Go Solar Power has been providing green energy in the Southeast for over 10 Years. We have partnered with many financing solutions to help homeowners achieve energy-efficient homes by going solar.

From your first consultation to monitoring your system, our mission is simple: To make the experience impeccable every step of the way and going solar with a backup battery easy. Contact us for more info.

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