Metal Roofs and Solar Panels: Are They Compatible?

Metal Roofs and Solar Panels: Are They Compatible?

Homeowners can personalize many aspects of a home to suit their preferences, whether for a distinct aesthetic, performance, or both. For instance, you can choose from an eclectic range of roofing materials, including metal. However, if you’re planning to install solar panels, you may be wondering whether metal roofs and solar panels are compatible. Read below to find the answer, and plan your renovation today.

Metal Roof Compatibility

One of the most renowned benefits of metal roofing is its eco-friendliness. As a result, homeowners aiming for a sustainable lifestyle can look to this roofing solution. That said, sustainable homeowners may also want to also install solar panels to further improve their eco-friendliness.

Assuming that the roof and panels won’t be compatible is understandable—how exactly do the panels fit? Luckily, solar panels are compatible with metal roofing; in fact, the unique design of this roofing is more beneficial than you might think.

Standing Seam & Solar Power

You can select from many metal roofing styles, one of which is standing seam. This style of roofing is particularly compatible with solar panels. The raised seams make convenient mounting points for the solar panels, making the job easier for the team handling the installation. Plus, installing solar panels onto a standing seam roof doesn’t require drilling any holes into the roof itself.

Long-Term Stability for a Long-Term Investment

Metal roofs and solar panels aren’t just compatible with one another—they can support each other, too. Solar panels are long-term investments, and thankfully, durable metal roofs have some of the longest roof life spans out there. Since metal roofs tend to have impressively long life spans, your panels will reside in a secure, stable place, especially if you have a standing seam design.

When it comes to installing solar gear onto a metal roof, be sure to work with experts with ample experience with both materials. Our residential solar panel installers at Go Solar Power can install panels on many surfaces, including metal roofs. Contact our solar experts today to formulate how you can merge metal roofing with solar power at your home so that you’re ready for the long run.

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