6 Absolute Benefits of Solar Power for your restaurant

Going green seems to be the new craze in town, and the hospitality industry has not been left behind. We have outlined six benefits for a Restaurant going Solar.

A lot of restaurants are opting for solar energy as opposed to regular electricity. Many of them are investing in solar panels and gradually easing off the national power grid. 

It is not unusual to find a restaurant that is entirely off-grid and relies solely on solar power. Such a move is backed by the numerous benefits that solar power has for restaurants. Solar energy is gradually gaining popularity. As of February 2021, solar generated about 2.3% of electricity in the US.

Benefits of Using Solar Power Systems That Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

There are innumerable reasons why restaurants are investing in solar power systems. Here are some of them.

1 - Protection from Power Outages

Restaurants need stable electricity. In the event of power failure, restaurant equipment such as ice machines, freezers, and refrigerators go off. Food display equipment that uses electricity also stops functioning.

 Apart from running the risk of spoilt food, businesses also lose money because of the interruptions such outages cause. Without a reliable backup power system, a power outage can make a restaurant business cause huge losses.

In contrast, solar power rarely has outages. It eliminates them because you can always use solar-generated power stored by batteries even when your panels are not fully charged by the sun.

2 - Reduced Electricity Bill

Using solar energy does lower your energy bills. As you know, eateries use a lot of electricity. Gadgets such as microwaves, dishwashers, and cookers are always running. The restaurant also has to be well lit and ventilated, regardless of the weather outside. All these use vast amounts of electricity, which is not the case when you have a solar power system. 

3 - Normal Operations

Adding a solar energy system to your restaurant will not disrupt normal business operations. The installation process will cause little to no interruptions as it’s similar to laying new roof tiles. If your shop offers delivery services, you can use these panels to charge your electric delivery car.

4 - Tax Rebates and Credits

Going green may be the best thing to happen for your restaurants. Not only does it save you money, but it also makes you money. Your restaurant business can get a solar investment tax credit that gives a 30% tax credit to any company that develops, installs, or finances a solar energy system.   

Additionally, you can receive a rebate, which is a cash incentive for going green and using solar. It is usually subtracted from your upfront costs and is generally given by utility companies or the government. If you qualify for both a rebate and a tax credit, your rebate is considered first, after which, your tax credit is calculated from the net cost.

5 - Community Outreach

Having solar power installed in your establishment may be a good way for you to share your sustainability commitment with other people. Although having solar panels fitted on your rooftop may tamper with your restaurant’s overall look and design, you can use this opportunity as a teaching moment.

For fine dining establishments where looks and impressions matter just as much as food, visible solar panels on the rooftop are an excellent way for you to teach others the importance of going green.  

6 - Help fight pollution and reduce your carbon footprint

Using solar power in your restaurant enables you to be part of the global initiative to reduce pollution and conserve the earth. Solar energy is clean and has no toxic effect on the environment, unlike electricity generated from fossil fuels which have harmful methane gases and carbon dioxide.

Using the sun to generate energy means reduced emissions from burning fossil fuels. The more businesses embrace solar energy, the less toxic gases are released into the air. Power outages and increased utility costs are a reality and have a significant impact on your restaurant’s bottom line. Use solar power to save and cut down on expenses.

Stop Spending and Start Saving with Solar

Installing a solar energy system in your establishment stands to benefit you greatly. Go Solar Power is a top seller and installer of solar systems for both commercial and residential applications, specializing in the best equipment and battery backup. Contact us for all your solar and battery needs.

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