Benefits of Solar Energy in Multigenerational Homes

Benefits of Solar Energy in Multigenerational Homes

The benefits of solar energy are nothing new, but every home is different. Thus, how solar panels help your home will vary depending on specific factors. For instance, solo homeowners and families alike can benefit from uninterrupted solar power every day, but what about multigenerational homes? Houses like these feature several generations of family under one roof. So, will solar fit this lifestyle easily? This guide will introduce you to the best benefits of solar energy in multigenerational homes.

Better Bills

If you have many generations of family members in your home, then power consumption is likely a big cost. From iPads to Xbox game systems to phones and beyond, many family members of many ages rely on power for entertainment alone. Furthermore, there are kitchen appliances, work-from-home equipment, and other essentials to consider.

So, what makes solar so helpful at reducing electrical bills? Thankfully, the answer is straightforward: reducing your reliance on the power grid can translate to lower costs. This benefit stems from the ability of solar panels to complete their basic function—absorbing the sun’s rays and handing you electricity when you need it.

Exploring Additional Benefits

In addition, if your solar panel installation is eligible for federal or state credits, such as the federal solar ITC, recouping your installation costs can be much easier. However, that’s a discussion to have with your solar installers so you can put together an installation plan that meets the standards of tax credits when possible.

That said, there are day-to-day functional benefits of solar beyond financial benefits, such as uninterrupted power. Next, let’s break down how solar power helps multigenerational homes during blackouts, one of the most common power interruptions out there.

Everyone’s Happy, Even During Blackouts

Suffice it to say that power outages are frustrating no matter how many people live under your roof. That said, dealing with a full house of family members who can’t work, watch TV, play video games, or use the bathroom without a flashlight can introduce a particular type of stress. Thankfully, you can avoid these situations entirely if you install a solar battery along with your panels.

Beyond entertainment, your home’s power keeps crucial appliances running, such as the fridge. Thus, lengthy blackouts can ruin your fresh groceries while you’re waiting for the power to return. Thankfully, access to 24/7 power means you don’t have to worry about such situations. Having access to reliable power 24/7 might sound like a tall order, but solar power systems can deliver that fairly easily.

How It Works

A solar battery stores excess solar power when the sun’s out, providing you with a convenient backup electricity source when blackouts hit the grid; instead, you generate your own power entirely thanks to the sun’s rays. For instance, at Go Solar Power, we’re Tesla certified solar installers who can pair your panels with a Powerwall that provides uninterrupted power.

A solar battery can be your backup power source or your primary, depending on how reliant you want to be on the electrical grid. If uninterrupted power during blackouts sounds good to you, ask your solar panel installer about solar batteries that can deliver that benefit beautifully.

Accommodating Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

As mentioned above, families use electricity for a wide array of activities. Therefore, having several generations under one roof can introduce ample energy usage. If you want to make your home eco-friendlier as a way to reduce your carbon footprint, solar panels are among the best ways to do it. Thanks to solar panels, your home can absorb clean energy for your family to use, whether you’re still mildly grid reliant or totally off the grid.

Don’t worry; even if your roof isn’t a good spot for your family’s solar panels, today’s technology is quite accommodating. One example is a solar pergola, which can reside conveniently in your backyard, soaking up the sun’s rays and providing you with ample clean energy. It also doesn’t hurt that the pergolas provide you and the family with cool shade when the sun’s out.

You might think that having so many people under one roof would make solar installations challenging, but not always. For example, at Go Solar Power, our team designs systems based on electrical usage and other unique details.

A Large Impact

Installing solar panels in a multigenerational home is helpful, not just because of its power. Moreover, this project provides a way for many family members from different age groups to learn about solar power firsthand. After all, firsthand experience with solar panels in your daily life is one of the best ways to become more in-tune with what they do and how they benefit you regularly. In addition, if the subject of eco-friendly power sources is important to you, teaching your kids about solar energy is certainly easier when you have solar panels right outside.

Understandably, when it comes to the advantages of solar panels, “education” might not be where your interests lie the most. That said, learning from using these panels every day removes the mysticism of new solar technologies that some newcomers have, helping them see the advantages right before their very eyes. By enjoying those benefits and taking the time to learn more, anyone living in a multigenerational home can have more information to spread regarding the use of solar energy.

Don’t worry; we’re not saying you have to start giving eco-friendly speeches to all your neighbors but seeing how the technology functions provides more insight into alternative energy.

Further Into Solar

Experiencing how solar panels work at home can also help members of a multigenerational home learn how to use them in other parts of their lives. For instance, any business owners at home can consider commercial solar panel options if they enjoy their residential panels enough.

Now that you have a clear picture of the benefits of solar energy in multigenerational homes, choosing an ideal system should be straightforward. Thanks to professional solar installers, homeowners can conveniently access the benefits above today.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Multigenerational Homes


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