12 Ways You Can Save Money and Energy

Things to Check:

When you conserve energy, you’re not only doing the environment well, and you are also doing your wallet good. Conserving the environment, therefore, results in saving money in the long run. But what comes to your mind when you think of conserving energy?

Keep reading to find a broken-down guide on how you can conserve energy even as you think of installing solar panels. These are some things that may have never come to mind yet. The guide has three sections, what to change, check and invest in.  

Here are some things you should always check.

1 - Power Bill

It goes without say that you should check your power bill. Of course, you do check your power bill, but do you really check it? After checking your bill, you can now strategize on how you can reduce it. Because, as low as it is now, it can be much lower.

  • Reduce your electricity usage
  • Identify the peak hours, also reduce usage at those hours
  • Keep track of the upcoming bills and find out if there’s progress

2 - Applicable Tax Credits

When you buy energy-efficient appliances, you may qualify for tax credits. These tax credits can be both state and federal. Tax credits also apply to solar energy systems.

3 - Home Insulation

Heating and cooling systems may be what’s driving your power bill high. They may not be well insulated. When you insulate your home, you can conserve up to 20% on bills. 

4 - Landscaping

Do your air conditioning need to be so high? You can reduce it by as much as 30% when you plant trees strategically around your home. You will save approximately 50% on what you spend on heating.

5 - Laundry Habits

Changing your laundry habits will also result in saving on money and energy. Consider washing your clothes with cold water if you heat water for laundry. When you wash your clothes with cold water, you can save close to 90% energy.

6 - Your Clothes

How well do you dress for any season? This, too, may cut into how much you spend on energy. Dress warmly during the cold seasons and reduce the power level on the thermostat. Also, consider dressing light at home during the hot seasons. You may reduce your air conditioning needs too.

7 - Use of Water Heater

As already stated, changing the usage of water heating can save energy. Find other ways around the house to reduce water heater usage, not only on laundry. For example, shorter shower times and quick rinsing of utensils if you use warm water — or use cold water.  You can save at least 5% today if you turn down the water heater a few degrees. 

Invest In:

8 - Double Panel Windows

Double panel windows can help you conserve energy during all seasons. They are said to save up to 24% during cold seasons and 18% in the heat seasons. 

It’s not all about the environment, and your pocket too can use a few extra dollars. When you save on energy, that’s what you’ll have in the long run. These are just some simple ways you can use to save money and energy. 

9 - Smart Thermostats

 If you need to adjust your thermostat, then you may find it hard to conserve energy. You need an automated thermostat that optimizes the temperatures even if you aren’t around.

10 - Appliances

When you invest in your house’s energy-saving appliances, you can save up to 30%on your electricity bill.

11 - LED Bulbs

Did you know that LED bulbs can reduce your electricity usage? These bulbs use 80% less power than other bulbs.

12 - Solar Energy

Go Solar Power has options for clean and renewable energy that you can install in your home. Using the most advanced inverter technology on the market, a Go Solar Power system will give you higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched savings.

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